Whether you saw them in storybooks or on that once-upon-a-time excursion to faraway Africa, wild and exotic animals dash across the tundra in your dreams!

Elephants, giraffes, zebras, and lions-- so rare and beautiful-- can roam through your rooms in reality when you choose from our selection of African animals and scenes realized in steel. Wall art and lamps, small accessories and useful items, they all come in Safari-themed designs.

You can decorate a large Acacia tree background with a mixture of these magical creatures or create your own herd of elephants-- the bull, the cow, and an assortment of their offspring-- to comprise a "3D" piece (layered as the top-most pieces are attached with super-strong neodymium magnets).

If you don't see the Serengeti specimen you're looking for, or would like to have one of our designs personalized, simply visit our Custom Department. We're happy to make you something truly unique! 

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