Adventure & Sports

36 products
This collection isn't for the faint of heart! You have a penchant for exciting and challenging experiences that bring out your strengths and call upon your unique skills....
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Best Sellers

11 products
These designs fly out of our booth at every show. They're also big online hits!
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Cars & Motorcycles

27 products
Images of different cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  Some classic, some current, they all have an artistic interpretation of their make and model.  Many are custom pieces made from...
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31 products
Whether you have a getaway at the shore, or just like thinking about a day at the beach, our coastal designs evoke the lure of the sea and...
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Coat Racks

10 products
Our coat racks are not only beautiful, they're functional in more ways than we can list! Each hook is solid enough to hold up to thirty pounds so...
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8 products
If the image of a barn in a bucolic setting takes you back to simpler and more basic times, you'll love our farm-related designs. Animals like chickens and...
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58 products
We confess that we have an affinity for nature and the garden! In addition to trees and leaves, we offer many designs that celebrate the friendly and mischievous...
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1 product
Send a Gift Card and let them choose what they love!
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Hunting & Fishing

59 products
Whether your penchant for the great outdoors is stoked by a competitive spirit, or a hobbyist's passion, we've got you covered with all your favorite fish and game!With...
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Key Racks

53 products
Never misplace your keys with our attractive and durable key racks.  The two pre-drilled holes make it easy to hang on any wall. They're made of 18 gauge...
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20 products
Our amazing lamps will really start a conversation-- shedding light on the design and providing a unique and substantial accent to your room's decor. We start with a...
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Large Wall Art

124 products
  Our large decorative wall art is made of 18 gauge steel to have the weight and rigidity that says quality, but is still light enough to easily...
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Mountains & Trees

22 products
We think that America has the most amazing topography! It's not every country that can claim three major mountain ranges. From the Sierra Nevadas and Rocky Mountains out...
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Napkin Holders

34 products
Try one of our steel napkin holders. They're actually useful for holding all sorts of things from your outgoing mail, files, magazines or the newspaper, to guest hand...
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New Items

13 products
We're always adding to our offerings here at MetalCraft Design. Either from a barrage of customer requests or simple brainstorms on our own, new designs crop up all...
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Patriotic & Service

57 products
Our Patriotic and Service collection includes designs that celebrate and commemorate patriotism, the military and veterans who have served our country. We offer variations on the traditional Old...
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Table Lamps

20 products
One-of-a-kind lamps that showcase a sculpted base with a shade that highlights images from a design theme. This is our larger-sized lamp that can be the focal point...
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55 products
Protect your counter tops with a striking piece of metal art! Our trivets are made of 12 gauge steel to be strong. They're colored using a flame to...
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82 products
MetalCraft Designs enjoys a connection with nature that encompasses a variety of wild animals and birds native to North America. Deer, moose, bear, wolves, and elk roam the...
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Wind Spinners

27 products
Add a spinner in our signature finish to your garden, porch, anywhere you want some wind driven movement.  Choose from many different designs.
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