Everything You Need To Know About Coasters

Everything You Need To Know About Coasters

Is there someone who is constantly nagging you about using a coaster? They're on to something! Coasters are little, but they do more than you think to preserve your furniture, especially metal furniture.

Don't be a bother at a party. Put a coaster on your glass! The same may be said about relaxing at home with a good refreshing drink. If you don't have one on hand, your tables might get screwed up. Therefore, buy coasters in bulk so you do not mess with your surroundings. To assist you in your decision, we will make you near and dear with coasters in detail but part by part.

What Exactly Is A Metal Coaster?

A coaster, also known as a beverage coaster, drink coaster, or beermat, is a piece of furniture used to place beverages. Coasters protect the surface of a table or any other surface where the user may place a drink. Coasters put on top of a beverage can also indicate that it is not quite completed or avoid contamination (usually from insects). Further, coasters can also keep hot drinks from scorching the table. 

Coaster Evolution

The first coasters were made for decanters or wine bottles, so they could be slid around the dinner table after the servants left. They were popular around approximately 1760. Originally, coasters were shallow trays or dishes made of wood, silver, or silver plate.

Friedrich Horn, a German printing business, developed the first cardboard beermats in 1880. Robert Sputh of Dresden created the first wood pulp beermat in 1892. Watney brewery brought them to the UK in 1920 to promote its pale ale. Moving further, Quarmby Promotions, a packaging firm founded in 1872, began making beermats in Milnsbridge in 1931. After being acquired by the Katz Group, Quarmby Promotions relocated manufacturing to Brighouse and, in 2006, to Morley, West Yorkshire, until shutting down in 2009.

Western culture traditionally utilizes the Saucers for similar purposes. It is normal to use a cup and saucer set when sipping tea. Drink coasters in a variety of materials and patterns were being manufactured for residential usage by the mid-twentieth century. They are now widespread as an item of ordinary houseware and are also used in restaurants.

What Is The Purpose Of Coasters?

A coaster is required to avoid unsightly water rings and stains from appearing on your tables. This is common with "sweaty beverages" such as beer, water, soda, and juice.

Condensation on the bottle, cup, or mug causes these water rings to develop. If the degree of your cold drink is below the dew point, the water will condense on the surface as a liquid. It's all drippy now, and there could be a puddle beneath!

Coasters not only keep water rings at bay, but some mugs or glasses may also leave minor scratches or nicks on the table. This is especially true if you move your drink often. Before setting down your drink, it only makes sense to lay down a coaster. You'll receive interesting home decor while keeping the furniture free of imperfections! This is possible with designer coasters like Wolf Howling Coaster, US Army Coaster, and more.

What Happens If You Do Not Use Coaster?

A drink without a coaster may stain, dent, discolor, or damage the table it rests on. The harm will only worsen if the drink is left unattended for an extended amount of time.

The last thing you want to do is wreck someone's furniture at a birthday celebration, ruin your dining room set, or end tables after work while drinking a bottle of wine. It's as simple as placing a coaster beneath your cold beverage!

How To Personalize Your Drink Coasters?

Let's face it: drink coasters may be a little dull. The good news is that you can make it extra elegant if you follow these guidelines:

  • Choose a decent material
  • Consider purchasing a coaster set
  • Be a bit odd
  • Print in either one hue or different colors
  • Match your coasters with your drinkware

Where Can You Use Coasters?

Bar, Restaurant, and Brewery

This is a no-brainer! Custom coasters may benefit restaurants, bars, and other establishments serving a decent drink. Place one at each table or booth.


Isn't the whole goal of a fundraiser to generate funds? Unique coasters with an original design on top will sell like hotcakes, raising a lot of money for your cause.

Office Gathering

You don't want to ruin the lovely conference table by leaving a ring on it! Coasters with your company emblem are essential for setting down your team's water bottles and coffee cups during the next meeting.

Last Thoughts

Don't just roll your eyes when a party host reminds you to use a coaster. Taking the time to get one before you set down your drink is part of being a nice guest. Coasters should also be kept around the house and in each location where you could bring a drink, from the kitchen to the living room to the basement.

Your tables will definitely appreciate it.

So, go, grab yourself a new set of coasters. Whether you make them from home or buy them from a business like Metal Craft Design, make sure you pick the best coaster material

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