Tractor Wind Spinner

Wind Spinner
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Brighten up your garden or porch with a beautifully hand crafted metal wind spinner. These unique pieces are a 3D design that catches wind and the light from all angles. When the sun hits them they sparkle!

A farming staple, this classic tractor belongs outside in your garden.  It brings the memory of old farming to life.

Cut from 18 gauge steel, torched for color, and powder coated to protect from tarnishing, this wind spinner will add a beautiful, active work of art to any landscape.

Every product from MetalCraft Design is made out of either 18 gauge or 12 gauge steel. 

Each piece is colored with a technique called "bluing," where heat creates different shades of brown to blue to black depending on the time and temperature.   It is a natural, artistic process.   This shading is most beautiful when the light and angle of light changes and you see different colors.  

As a final step, each piece is coated with a clear powder coat that is baked on for strong durability.  

As with any handicraft, some variation in color is possible and will only enhance an items' uniqueness.  

Display any of our work indoors or outdoors.  They will not be affected by heat, cold, or moisture, will not rust or tarnish, and will keep the distinctive look of Metalcraft Design.  

 12" Diameter

 Made in America 

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Every product from MetalCraft Design is made out of 12 gauge or 18 gauge soft steel. Our products are intended for indoor/outdoor use.

Each piece is coated with a clear powder coat that is baked on for durability. As each piece is heat colored with a technique called "bluing," the shades of color is a part of the metal, not a painted color. It shouldn't fade, tarnish, or change color. As a natural process, imperfections and irregularities are possible and only enhance an item's uniqueness. No two products are exactly the same. Colors may vary.

We are proud to bring you a quality product made in the USA!

Tractor Wind Spinner
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